Sportsman Racer Robert Bullard Named Woody Andrews Memorial Award Winner

  Robert Bullard’s son Clay accepts the Woody Andrews Memorial Award from East Coast Drag Times Hall of Fame’s Nancy Wilson. The award posthumously honors the highly respected North Carolina Sportsman racer and was given at the October, 2015 induction ceremonies in Henderson, NC.   Story by Jim Hill When Robert Bullard rolled one of his […]

Woodro Josey: “The Baron of Byron, GA” and His Drag Racing Wizardry

  Class Wins at major events such as the NHRA Nationals were many for Woodro Josey.     Story by Jim Hill Don’t let Woodro Josey’s quiet, country demeanor and soft Southern accent fool you. Just like Clint Eastwood’s Josey Wales movie character, Woodro’s justifiably earned reputation is well known among elite racers. Unlike “The […]

Bill Ellershaw: The Ultimate Man Behind The Scene

  Story By Jim Hill Way back when the sport of drag racing was in its crawl-before-run stages, a young Wally Parks labeled the amazing mechanical innovations he saw coming from drag racers as: “Ingenuity in Action”. Parks’ astute observation is perhaps best exemplified by the lifetime contributions and career of Rocky Pirrone’s “…here, there […]

Ron Colson: Still In The Driver’s Seat

  Colson had a successful stint in the Chi-Town Hustler, one of the most popular and famous Funny Cars on the match race circuit. Story by Jim Hill There are only a few drivers who have driven more different types of top-level drag race cars as Illinois’ Ron Colson. Colson grew up in tiny Oregon, […]

Pat Bilbow, Joe Tucci & Lyndwood Chassis: Part 2, The Joe Tucci Saga

  Quantico, Virginia’s Joe Tucci (in car) readies himself for a push-start in his 454 CID Chrysler Hemi powered AA/Gas Dragster. Tucci’s Lyndwood Welding chassis shows its robust construction. Tucci later replaced the front wheels with a pair of spoked motorcycle rollers.  Story by Jim Hill Joe Tucci And The Leatherneck Missile Joe Tucci’s success at […]

Pat Bilbow and Joe Tucci: The Rise Of Lyndwood Dragsters and Altereds

Lyndwood dragsters were simple, sturdy-built cars that handled well and were tough enough to survive the often rough drag strip surfaces of eastern tracks.   Story by Jim Hill Much of the performance advancements in drag racing speeds and ET’s can be credited to those uniquely specialized vehicles known as “dragsters”, and the art of […]