2004 Hall of Fame Member & Gasser Legend “Coney Island Ralph” Landolfi

Jack Merkel’s small-block Chevy with Hilborn fuel injection powers the perfectly replicated ’48 Anglia B/Gasser of “Coney Island Ralph” Landolfi. Ralph, seated behind the car, watches over the flawlessly recreated “Eastwind III” during the York U.S. 30 nostalgia event in 2004.   Story by Jim Hill East Coast drag racing fans and in particular, Gasser fans recently lost a […]

Hubert Platt: The Legend of Southern Drag Racing Lives On

Lined up and ready to race for Little Eliminator Sunday afternoon at Newton County Dragstrip, near Covington, GA. Hubert Platt’s potent and much-feared Terminal Transport ’37 Chevy B/Gasser and ’57 Chevy C/Gasser are shown at far-left. Newton County hosted many NHRA Southeast Division 2 points events in the late 50’s and early 60’s. Story by Jim […]

George “Papa Kook” Kryssing: Hall of Fame Member 1940-2015

George “Pappa Kook” Kryssing (front row, second from right) was honored as a 2012 East Coast Drag Times Hall of Fame inductee in Henderson, NC.   “Papa Kook” Kryssing came from a hands-on, drag racing background. He retained a love of all types of racing and going fast and was a familiar figure at the Kooks […]

Lamar Walden: 2012 Hall of Fame Member and 409 Racing Legend

Lamar Walden helped to create the rebirth of the Chevrolet 348-409-427 Z-11, V-8 engine. Shown here with his highly modified, improved and strengthened “409”, Lamar’s engine included new aluminum heads from Edelbrock, and the new aluminum BMP block. These Lamar Walden-influenced components produced 409-based engines easily capable of 1,000+ hp.   Lamar Walden’s knowledge and experience […]