The 1955-57 Chevy: First Choice For Drag Racer, Cruiser or Show Stopper

Charles Carpenter was one of the original racers to recognize the interest in nostalgia drag racing. His ’55 Chevy began racing in mildly modified form, in IHRA Sportsman classes. Next came a series of modifications based on the original ’55 chassis. That led to a full tube chassis with huge-inch big-block power and then into what is now called “Pro/Mod”. […]

2016 ECDT Hall of Fame Inductees Announced for Oct. 14-16 Event

Gene Schwartz’s original ’52 Chevy Deluxe was destroyed in a racing crash. He built this car to be close to the original, including its manually shifted, four-speed trans. Today Schwartz’s car runs in Nostalgia Gas events, running 10-second ET’s. Gene will be inducted into the ECDT Hall of Fame, Henderson, NC, Oct. 16. 2016 Gene […]

The Bounty Hunter Still Riding Hard

  Connie Kalitta’s 1962 Top Gas Dragster carried an Old West style “Wanted” list of drivers he intended to defeat. As he topped each he drew a line through their names, earning him the nickname “The Bounty Hunter”. Kalitta’s ’62 Logghe chassis dragster was faithfully replicated here, and is now a nostalgia event and car show […]

The First Winter Nationals And How It Came To Begin The Drag Racing Season

The official 1960 NHRA-NASCAR Winter Nationals program cover carried both association logos. The reference to “…an added attraction” suggested seven-night drag races were something to do after a day of Daytona 500 Speed Week racing at Daytona International Speedway. Story by Jim Hill Once again it’s Winternationals Week, the time of year when drag racers and […]