Frank LeSueur: Suffolk Dragway’s Ringmaster And “Nitro Man”

  Nitromethane can produce incredible results when a mishap occurs. Here Doug Herbert experiences an engine failure and explodes spectacularly on the starting line at the 1999 NHRA World Finals.   Story by Jim Hill When drag racing in the eastern U.S., and in particular Virginia is mentioned, the name of Frank LeSueur often surfaces. […]

The Keystone of Pennsylvania Drag Racing: Ed Kowalski

    Story by Jim Hill Billy Joel’s classic 1982 ballad “Allentown” laments the decline of American industry, and in particular, its impact on Allentown, PA. For the late Ed Kowalski, 2015 East Coast Drag Times Hall of Fame inductee, Allentown carried an even more personal importance as it was where he “discovered” drag racing. […]

Mike Kosky Still Fighting For Alcohol Dominance In The East!

    Story by Jim Hill Cuddy, Pennsylvania’s Mike Kosky has been addicted to alcohol for nearly 50 years. Fortunately for the veteran racer it’s OK with his wife Janet, and involves no 12-step program. Kosky’s addiction is not due to excessive personal alcohol consumption, it’s the fuel of choice for a long line of […]