Do You Know These Famed Drag Racers? They’re The Class of 2017!

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East Coast Drag Times Hall of Fame

2017 Inductees

The 2017 East Coast Drag Times Hall of Fame list of honored inductees includes racers, three famed race car chassis builders, a world-class and famous drag racing announcer, and one of the east’s most revered track owner-promoters. In short, the Class of 2017 represents a cross section of drag racing covering the spectrum the sport itself.

The 2017 inductees include names that are famed across the nation, some who chose to raise their families, work their daily jobs, and raced primarily close to home, and of course, the people whose special talents enhanced and improved drag racing for racers, fans and everyone associated.

Should you run across any of these individuals in your travels during this racing season please stop them, offer your congratulations and thank them for their contributions to drag racing over all those years.

Finally, and most importantly, be there with us on Sunday, October 22, 2017, in Hendersonville, North Carolina as we honor the ECDT Hall of Fame, Class of 2017.


“Jet Car Bob” Smith   Pioneer Jet Dragster Driver

J. Ed Horton   Race Car Chassis Builder

Randy Stewart*   Sportsman Drag Racer

Bob Ida  
Sportsman Drag Racer

The Logghe Brothers:   
Ron Logghe and Gene Logghe
Pioneer Race Car Chassis Builders

Jon Lundberg   Premier Drag Racing Announcer

Richard Broom   Sportsman Drag Racer

Ann & Walter Toews, Lou Cuiello (LAWS Racing)
Sportsman Drag Racers

The Smallwood Brothers:
Wilbert Smallwood and James Smallwood*
Sportsman Drag Racers

Bruce Wheeler   Owner and Mechanic “Wheeler Dealer” Top Fuel Dragster

“Beaver” Bob McCardle  
Premier Drag Strip Owner-Promoter

Roger McConnell   Sportsman Drag Racer

*Posthumously Inducted and Honored