2016 East Coast Drag Times Hall of Fame Inductees

Al Carpenter
From Hurst to First, Al is 100% a “Car Guy”

Paul Gold
Hard-Core Racer of a Thousand Cars and Tracks

Hank Hankins (Posthumous)
Champion of “Little Guy” Racers

Rick Holladay
Hooked Hard on Drag Racing Since ’64

Levi Holmes
The Legendary “Black Knight” of Newark

Roy Johnson
Master of the Pro-Stock Dream

Harry Luzader
And the Rust-to-Diamonds ’32 Ford

Gene Schwartz
Strawberry Fields Deluxe Meet Heavy Bass

Steve Taylor and Brenda Taylor
Drag Racing’s Most Accomplished Couple

Joe Tucci (Posthumous)
The Saga of Quantico, VA

Drake Viscome
“The Vindicator”

Jim Zakia
Proves the Mist of Niagara Fall and Tire Smoke as Equal Forces